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Video cassettes to USB or DVD

The Perfect Gift - video cassettes to USB or DVD

Stuck for ideas for a gift for someone special?

When looking for the perfect gift, converting your video cassettes to USB or DVD might not immediately spring to mind. In fact, there is a good chance you have got no idea what treasures are hidden away in that box of unloved and, long-since unwatched video tapes. I mean, what could they possibly hold that would be precious to a special friend or relation? The answer is… irreplaceable and detailed memories of their lives and the lives of the ones they love.

A bit of history – video cassettes to USB or DVD

Since the introduction of home movie video cameras in the 1970s, and indeed cine film before that (which we also convert), families around the globe have been documenting their lives on an epic scale. Every precious moment has been captured on tape; births, first steps, special holidays, birthday celebrations, weddings… The list goes on and on.

video cassettes to USB or DVD - things we like to remember

And whilst mum, dad, grandparents, or whoever else was behind the lens, was pressing that record button they were not just thinking about the instant playback of the moment. They were recording it for the generations to come. These recordings were meant to be kept, cherished, replayed, shared, and protected for others to enjoy and to help them reconnect with their past.

At Tapes2USB we specialise in saving video cassettes to USB or DVD before they deteriorate or disappear completely. There is nothing that gives us greater satisfaction than hearing just how much these mean to our customers when they see these special moments again. In most cases they will conjure up a whole host of emotions… happiness, sadness, love, pride and laughter. These are all real and priceless gifts.

Tapes2USB has the answer

So, can you really think of a better gift than converting your video cassettes to USB or DVD? Over the years we have saved hundreds of thousands of hours of family memories and converted them into a modern, watchable digital format.
Whilst video cassettes to USB or DVD conversions have prevailed, in recent years there has been a move to deliver these via Cloud Storage so that our customers can easily share them via social media or YouTube. That is the way the next generation consumes their video content so why not give it to them that way? We believe this is so important that we offer this as a free extension to customers having their tapes converted to USB (see article here).

For more details and pricing for our video cassettes to USB or DVD services, please see our main website section here –

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