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Tapes2USB – About Us

There’s more than one thing you need to know about us…

We digitize and restore many hours of precious family memories locked up in old videotape and cine film for customers every week. Whilst we pride ourselves on our technical standards and facilities, our foremost desire is to reconnect people with their memories. We understand that every single tape we transfer to digital is important. We also know that reliving these memories can bring our customers and their families immeasurable joy and happiness.

We’re in the “restoring joy and happiness” business

Kevin Cook – Proprietor Tapes2USB

Tapes2USB is a trading division of Video Artisan. We provide public and business customers with a wide range of media conversion services – including VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, Betamax and Cine Film to USB or DVD.

Based in Loughton, Essex – we serve the local and surrounding communities – as well as providing a fast, secure and efficient service to postal customers nationwide.

Part of Video Artisan

The main company, Video Artisan, is a creative video production company specialising in making business films for organisations of all sizes. This include product and service films, marketing films, education and training content and social media videos. Our work takes us all over the world.

Kevin Cook filming in the 1980s

Converting media from one format to another, or incorporating older archive footage into current projects, has always been part of what Video Artisan has to offer. This also included a small number of conversions for members of the public. Having made considerable investment in video technology over the past 40-years, Video Artisan was well placed to service this demand within the local community and surrounding Epping Forest and East London region.

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Our reputation for attention to detail and great customer care caused this side of the business to grow significantly. This was then further accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic when families were in lockdown and had time to look at their old videotape and cine collections. This quite often ended in disappointment when they discovered their video players and cameras no longer worked.

This caused a surge in enquiries and, eventually, Video Artisan needed to develop a separate division within the business. Tapes2USB was introduced in 2020 to feed and service this demand for those customers seeking a more professional and personal service for their videotape and cine film conversions.

Tapes2USB general pics
Kevin Cook at Tapes2USB Loughton Studios

Introducing Kevin Cook

The business is owned and run by Kevin Cook F.Inst.V. (Hon) who has been working within the professional video industry since the mid-80s. Having published several books in the industry, edited 100s of issues of trade publications and been at the forefront of the evolution of the professional videography market – Kevin is well placed to offer his clients the very best level of service and expertise.