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Bespoke Editing

What is Bespoke Editing?
Once you’ve had your family archive of videotapes, cine films and other media digitized, you will soon realise just how magical they are.  They will contain a treasure trove of memories – and you’ll probably want to enjoy and share them. 

Our Bespoke Editing Service helps customers create more enjoyable edits from their video, sound and image files for screening at celebrational events – or for sharing directly with others featuring in them. These are just an example of Bespoke Edits we’ve produced for customers. But we know you’ll have your own ideas – and we’re here to help!

Bespoke Editing - Memorials and tributes

Memorials & Tributes – Bespoke Editing

We are increasingly being asked to help compile video memorials for display at funeral services and life celebrations. Whether these are photo montages, or video clips recorded on mobile phones, or a combination from many sources, we compile video displays that will help celebrate their lives.  These can also be shared as a permanent memorial with those unable to attend.

Bespoke Editing - Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence Therapy for those suffering with Dementia or Depression

Whilst we would never make any claim that creating a special edit of your family archive will help dementia sufferers reconnect with their past and improve their mental health, this is exactly what some of our customers tell us.  Referred to as Reminiscence Therapy (RT), there have been various studies measuring its effectiveness (see links to some below).  And Dementia UK talks about various RT activities in their activities guide for those with dementia (see here).  

RT can obviously involve many kinds of intervention, but memories of past events, places and people are strong links to a person’s past life. 

External Links on RT Research

BMC Geriatrics Research

National Library of Medicine

Cambridge University Press

Bespoke editing - Best Speech

The Best Speech Ever!

Boost your Best Man, Father-of-the-Bride, Groom or Bride speech by including a special edit of your family videos or stills.  You will have plenty of heart-warming material to choose from within your family archive.  And, no doubt, you’ll have other material that will help entertain your audience and augment your speech.  Other family members can also contribute material to help you tell the story.   It doesn’t have to be a wedding speech either.  It could be any special family event.

Original Gift

Gift Compilations with Bespoke Editing

Stuck for ideas for Birthday or Christmas gifts for loved ones?  What could be more personal and treasured than commissioning a bespoke edit of their appearances in your family archive? These can be even more treasured when gifted on special anniversaries or life events – such as 18th birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings or any other significant anniversary.

 Family Documentaries

Family History Documentaries – the ultimate in Bespoke Editing

Every family has a story to tell. Whilst word of mouth is one way we pass these stories on to the next generation, the advent of home photography, camcorders and, more recently, mobile phones, has given us an invaluable means of bringing those memories back to life.

Many customers have quite extensive archives of video recordings, cine films and other media – but want to enjoy them in a more concise and meaningful format.  This could be simply a case of taking out repetition and meaningless material (there’s always some of that!), but we can take this artform to a whole new level by creating a properly structured, documentary film of your family throughout history.  This could include interviews, voiceovers, music, social media content, graphics – in fact anything that records and tells your family life story. 

Many family archives go back for more than 100-years, and gradually these connections can be lost without documenting them properly. We even have a pool of experienced journalists who can carry out family histories research on your behalf.

Bespoke Editing Method and Pricing

Our Bespoke service is very personalised.  The cost of compiling any of these is priced on a job-by-job basis depending on the work involved.  These can be done completely remotely, with our editors working closely with our customers via shared cloud storage.  We make the creative process as simple as possible – with a simple to follow step-by-step process to ensure your end product is perfect.

The total fee will generally be broken down into initial digitisation, scripting and planning, rushes and draft preparation – through to mastering and even continual hosting of the final product.  We can also work closely with your event venue to ensure your content is displayed properly on the day, or even arrange equipment hire through partner organisations.

Contact Kevin on 020 3602 3356 to discuss your ideas – or drop us an email on  for a no-obligation discussion about your bespoke editing requirements.

Important Notes:  We take client confidentiality and personal data security very seriously. Our editors hold DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificates and work in accordance the Information Commissioners rules on Data Protection.  We also hold security clearances for other UK and International government bodies.  Tapes2USB is a trading division of Video Artisan.