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Phone Videos to DVD or USB

Phone Videos to DVD or USB - Get yours converted today

Are your best videos trapped inside your mobile phone?

We are seeing a substantial rise in enquiries to convert phone videos to DVD or USB. That is no surprise really as we all shoot so much video on our phones these days. Like the stills camera before it, smart phones have almost obliterated the camcorder market. It is hard to convince anyone that they need anything more than what a modern smart phone can deliver.

Phone Videos to DVD or USB - watching video on phone
Sharing video on your mobile

Camera phones seem like quite a recent invention, but they have been with is for more than two decades now. In that time, they have come on in leaps and bounds. Current models can record video in exceptional, 4K quality – using multi-lens arrays. They have even shot a few feature films entirely on smart phone.

And, if you are really into this craft, there is a massive selection of accessories to make phone filming as sophisticated as filming with a fully rigged movie camera.

The big conundrum is what happens when you record something special that you want to keep? You can of course upload the video to a cloud storage facility or YouTube, but sometimes we want these stored on a physical format. Transferring your phone videos to DVD or USB is the perfect solution.

Most of the time all these marvelous memories never leave the phone. Or, worse still, you start running out of storage space and end up deleting them. Unfortunately, unless you have a backup somewhere, these prized clips are lost forever. Converting your phone videos to DVD or USB will save these precious memories for generations to come.

Once out of the phone you can then build up a collection or edit and refine the footage into something more watchable.

Considerations when converting phone videos to DVD or USB

There are some challenges and considerations in this process. Smart phones will enable you to set up the camera in various screen ratios. This includes traditional 16:9 widescreen mode, but also square formats too. More importantly, users will often do the thing you would never do with a traditional camera and that is to shoot in vertical or portrait position rather than landscape.

Phone Videos to DVD or USB Portrait Landscape

This is fine for online or social media sharing, but when you display this image on a normal TV the picture is only going to occupy a tall thin central part of the screen. Worse still, the image might be stretched and distorted to fill the screen. Very ugly – and not very complimentary if you are not tall and thin already (like me!).

Phone Videos to DVD or USB - Screen tall
All that wasted space!

This becomes a major consideration when exporting phone videos to DVD – which has a fixed aspect ratio of either 16:9 or 4:3. USB is not such an issue as the files can be of any shape when displayed within a computer screen but, when you display them on a traditional TV, you will be facing the same tall, thin picture issue – or the horrible squashed and stretched one mentioned above.


There are two solutions to this. You either live with that tall thin image or you carry out what is called an ‘XY Zoom’. This entails cropping the video picture top and/or bottom so that it fills the standard 16:9 frame. You might not want to zoom all the way in, but you can fill the frame better. Even better results can be obtained by ‘Panning and Scanning’ the image. This is where you make constant adjustments to the framing to ensure the best possible framing is maintained throughout the footage. This is going to take time, skill and some specialist software.

Tapes2USB phone videos to DVD or USB Service Levels

Whatever you want to do with your phone videos, we pride ourselves on offering clients an adaptable service to this problem. At the basic level we can simply extract the video files from your phone and put them on a USB stick for storage. If you would rather not give us access to your phone to do this, we can set up a DropBox facility for you to upload the video clips to and we then carry out the conversion to USB. Depending on the number of files, this may cost as little as £20.

We can also carry out a complete re-frame and edit service and output the results to DVD or USB – or using our Digital Download service. This is a much more involved process which is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, please get in touch with Tapes2USB to discuss your options and get a definitive quote. It might not be as expensive as you think – and you will be able to sleep a little easier knowing that your beloved memories are saved forever.

Please call 020 3602 3356 or email

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