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VHS to DVD near me

VHS to DVD near me - Loughton Essex

Did you search ‘VHS to DVD near me’?

If you have found us through a Google search for VHS to DVD near me (or to USB) then you are probably keen to find someone nearby to convert your precious videotapes. Most of our clients are from within our local and surrounding communities. This obviously includes our hometown, Loughton – but our reputation has helped us build a base of loyal customers extending throughout Epping Forest, East/North London, Essex, Enfield, Redbridge, Barkingside and beyond. In fact, pretty much everywhere within 30-minutes’ drive.

Whilst this blog is about those who are looking for VHS to DVD near me, I am not going to knock mail order work because we carry out a lot of that too. It is in fact a growing side of our business, but I really can understand anyone’s reluctance to trust the post or courier services with this type of cargo. We have even had customers complete 100+ mile journeys to deliver their tapes in person to avoid this.

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All camcorder formats converted too!

Trust the post???

The memories contained within your videotape collection are precious and irreplaceable. No amount of compensation is going to cover the loss should they get lost or damaged within a postal system. It would be impossible. We obviously have terms and conditions associated with our services that limit liability, but we are proud to say that we have never had an instance where a tape has left our studios in worse condition than it arrived. Many tapes turn up battered and unloved, but we do our uttermost to extract every second of film and move it safely into the digital domain.

Our website statistics show that ‘VHS to DVD near me’ is one of the most common Google searches that finds us. This is yet more proof that customers want to hand deliver their tapes and meet face to face with the person who is going to care for them. Customers appreciate knowing that we are using the best equipment and processes to ensure their memories remain perfectly intact for years to come.

London Connections

We are quite lucky here at Tapes2USB as we also have a couple of local London Underground Central Line stations nearby – namely Loughton and Debden. The closest is about 15-minutes’ walk to our evening/weekend drop-off address in Roding Road, Loughton. This brings us remarkably close to anyone with connections to the London Underground system.

Sure, you can get your videotapes converted cheaper if you look on eBay. Much cheaper in fact, but we never set out to be the cheapest. Our pursuit has always been to be the best. We are constantly looking at ways to make our services more efficient and cost effective for customers, but we never cut costs which might result in an inferior conversion or possible damage to customers tapes. We have a constant maintenance cycle on our machinery and are always re-investing. We care about every conversion – regardless of whether that is a single tape or an extensive family film collection.

Your next move

So, if you find yourself here after carrying out a VHS to DVD near me search, you are in the right place. The next step is even more simple – just give us a call or email for a quote. We offer great discounts for bulk orders.

Please call 020 3602 3356 or email

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