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Videotape to Digital Download

Videotape to Digital Download - the future

Videotape to Digital Download – The future of video conversions

Videotape to Digital Download is not exactly a new thing, but it is certainly something that is on the rise here at Tapes2USB. In fact, we’ve been doing pretty much nothing else for years for our business clients at our parent company, Video Artisan.

Our growing reputation has meant that our customers are now coming from all over the UK. We are obviously still dealing with a lot of drop-off business from Essex, East London, and surrounding areas, but the ease of couriering or posting videotape collections to us is making videotape to digital download a popular option for customers. And it is easy to understand why.

Most often, our videotape to digital download or Cloud Storage is offered as a free bolt-on service to remote customers ordering our video to USB service. If you like, it is our “belt & braces” approach to those customers concerned that when we return their original tapes and USBs that they are going to get lost in the post. That is an exceptionally small risk – but a risk, nonetheless. After all, we know these tapes are exceptionally precious to our customers.

Secure Videotape to Digital Download

Videotape to Digital Download viewing videos
Watch your precious tapes wherever

Where a customer is seeking this additional peace of mind, we offer to upload the MP4 files (which are created anyway on each Video to USB order) free of charge. If the client has ordered video to DVD (which is a very different output process) then we will have to charge to output the additional MP4 files. It is not a huge additional cost and each job is calculated on the work involved.

The MP4 video files we create at Tapes2USB are compatible with the widest possible range of playback devices and platforms. This includes computers, iPads, Smart TVs and Media Servers. Or, for customers wanting to share these special memories with family and friends, these files are perfectly formatted for the likes of YouTube or any of the social media platforms.

It couldn’t be easier

The videotape to digital download process is simple – and secure. Once the customers’ tapes are digitised and output to MP4 files (each tape is output as a separate file or files), we then upload them to a secure folder on our business DropBox account. Customers are then sent a link to that folder which will enable them to download the videos to their computer or their own Cloud storage solution.

Customers do not have to have a DropBox account themselves – it is just a simple click on an email link and they can then download the folder’s contents. Alternatively, if the customer has a preferred Cloud Storage account, and can provide us with access to it, we can upload there.

These files will remain on our DropBox account for up to 2-weeks after the customer has been sent the downloaded link. This is just a precautionary process in case the customer misplaces the files after download. If the customer wants us to extend this period, we can do but this is by separate arrangement.

Thinking ahead

Whilst video to DVD or USB will remain the most popular service for some time, videotape to digital download is going to grow and grow in the coming years. If you would like to talk about delivery options for your precious videotapes, please get in touch with Tapes2USB today.

For more information, please call 020 3602 3356 or email

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