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Tag: camcorder tape to DVD

Camcorder tape to DVD in Essex

Looking for Camcorder tape to DVD services in Essex? Look no further than Tapes2USB. We are a specialist provider of videotape transferConvert tapes to DVD services throughout Essex and East London region. Camcorder tape to DVD is what we are all about!

We digitize and restore many hours of precious family memories locked up in old videotape and cine film for customers every week. Whilst we pride ourselves on our technical standards and facilities, our foremost desire is to reconnect people with their memories. We understand that every single tape we transfer to digital is important. We also know that reliving these memories can bring our customers and their families immeasurable joy and happiness.

Camcorder tape to DVD – Essex Location

Our location is perfect for servicing London, Essex, Harlow and South Eastern England with London Underground connections, the M25 and Stansted Airport very close to our studio edit facilities on the edge of Epping Forest.

In addition, we offer freelance camera operator and video editing services to client producers, agencies and other video production companies. With various cameras, lenses, camera mount systems, rails, sliders, dollies, lighting and sound kit we can cater for most video assignments.

Part of Video Artisan

Furthermore, are looking to harness the power of YouTube or website video to improve your search engine optimisation? Maybe you want to develop a series of public information films – or create a one-off company film? Therefore, our sister company, Video Artisan, has the skills, resources and creative talents to deliver an imaginative and cost-effective solution for your next company video.